Slow the Aging Process

The Science of Anti-aging is progressing rapidly. The following products are at the very forefront of nutritional science designed to slow the aging process and improve quality of life.

Product B This cutting edge nutritional supplement is at the forefront of anti-aging science. Developed by one of the leading researchers in the field of aging, Dr. Bill Andrews, it provides support for the telomeres, the end portion of the DNA strand which has been linked to the length of life. Purchase Here. (Scroll down the page.)
Longevity Formula RAM500 is an antioxidant and anti-aging powerhouse. A superior product containing the original resveratrol (ResVida™) used in human clinical studies that demonstrated the benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Regeneration USA products have been reviewed by the following:

Tea of Life  Jiaogulan tea is known as “The Herb of Immortality”. In China it is consumed by large numbers of centenarians.
Action Whey™ Protein Glutathione, the master antioxidant, is critical to a long and healthy life. However, most supplements have very little effect on raising glutathione levels. Action Whey™ is one of the most effective products for raising glutathione levels because it provides the right building blocks from non denatured milk from grass-fed cows. Sweetened with Stevia, it has only 4 grams of carbohydrates and tastes so delicious!
Original Serrapeptase This has been called “The Miracle Enzyme”. Inflammation is at the root of many diseases. Serrapeptase attacks inflammation and clears the system of debris. Visit the Good Health USA store for more information about the original serrapeptase formula as well as additional serrapeptase formulas that contain a variety of supporting ingredients.

Amino Acid Supplement  This amino acid supplement has been the subject of clinical studies that show its positive affects on brain function. It has a large following of people who believe that it has helped mood, focus and clarity with a positive impact on such conditions as depression, ADHD, autism and much more.
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